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Youth Class Rules

FWD Youth Class (Youth age limit 12-17) 


Contact Jason Koch with any questions. 540-486-0340 or FB messenger


1. Any FWD uni-body vehicle. NO CONVERTIBLES, vans, 4x4, limos, or full frame cars. NO v8 cars.


2. All factory body mount bolts must remain factory.


3. The hood can be held down in 6 places, sheet metal to sheet metal only. If using wire, you may use 4 strands per spot. If bolting hood shut, you may use 2”x2”x1/4”x 4” max angle iron and up to 5/8" bolt to hold them together. The angle iron cannot be welded over the hood seam, one on the hood, one on the fender and bolt them together. Hoods must be open for inspection. Hoods must have a 12"x12" (Min.) hole cut in center.


4. Doors may be welded shut (wagon tail gates as well), 3 plates per vertical door seam. Door strapping material cannot exceed 3" x 3" x 1/4" thick. Driver's front door only may be skinned or plated, but not to exceed more than 2” max past any factory door seam.


5. Trunk Lids may be held shut in 6 spots only. You may bolt or wire them only. The trunk lid must be open for inspection. If bolting trunk lid shut, you may use 2”x2”x1/4”x 4” max angle iron and up to 5/8" bolt to hold them together. If using the bolting method, you can only use this in 4 spots on the trunk lid the other two have to be wired. The angle iron cannot be welded over the trunk seam, one on the trunk lid, one on the fender and bolt them together. If using wire, you may use 4 strands per spot. You can fold the trunk lid 50% or can be removed. The rear quarters can be creased but must remain vertical. (DO NOT WEDGE)


6. Front Windshield area must have WIRE ONLY from roof to fire wall.


7. No seam welding will be permitted on the body. Repairing sheet metal is limited to where the battery box and gas tank are and the driver’s area of the floorboards of the car.


8. You may leave the stock gas tank in the stock location if it is in front of the rear axle, or you may replace the gas tank with a metal boat tank or aftermarket fuel cell. No stock gas tanks inside of the vehicle are allowed.






You can have, but not mandatory a 4-point cage, nothing bigger than 3" x 3". All bars must be 4” off the floor.


1. Dash bar, from door post to door post, no down legs.


2. 60-inch-long door bars, one for each side, Nothing longer. You can use 6”x 6” 1/4 thick plate to attach the door bars to the sheet metal.


3. Rear seat bar-floating, no down legs.


4. Halo bar-The halo bar may only be attached to the rear seat bar or door bars, not to floor. Halo bar can have two plates 2"x 2"x1/4 welded to it and (2) 1/2" bolts with 1/2" washers to attach to roof. Halo bar must be straight up and over. Do not tilt it forwards or backwards. Gussets only in the corners of 4-point cage.


5. Gas tank Protector (3x3 max over a 24” spread) may be welded to back seat bar. It must be at least 5" from rear package tray and floor.


6. You are allowed an up and over bar on the back end of the gas tank. This is to protect your gas tank.




All suspension and steering must remain stock (unless stated in rules).


1. Aftermarket steering knuckle may be used at the rack and at the rack only. The rest must remain factory.


2. Tie rods must remain stock and factory.


3. Struts must be factory OEM. No aftermarket struts or solid struts.


4. You may use store bought knuckle busters or spring spacers to gain height in the front end, but car must bounce.


5. Rear control arms must remain stock factory. No aftermarket control arms, or conversions allowed.


6. If steering is broke on pre rans. Call for questions on repairs.




1. You must run factory drivetrain. You must use factory motor mounts. No protectors at all can be used.


2. Run any DOT radial with tubes. Valve stem protectors are allowed but must be safe and at official’s discretion. If it looks like it can fly off and hurt someone it will NOT be allowed.


3. Aftermarket/homemade headers are allowed.






1. Absolutely no painting or spraying any material on frames or welds. 


2. No shaping or hammering of the frame. You may crease, notch, or dimple the rear 12 inches forward from rear bumper.


3. All trailer hitches and braces must be removed.


4. You cannot tilt the frame. If we think your frame has been tilted, you will not run.


5. Shortening of the rear frame, body, and unibody is not allowed in any way.


6. No frame welding other than what is stated in the rules.




1.80’s or newer non chrome from the factory. ie the factory single layer formed steel bumper.

2.Can only mount bumper one of two ways

Option 1. leave it exactly how it comes from the factory.

Option 2. 2 x 2 ¼” thick angle on the outside welded VERTICALS only. You may take a 4x4 x ¼” flat plate bolted to the angle with (2 per side) 3/8” bolts and the plate can be welded all the way around on the bumper, but NOT to the angle.


Cars must have functioning brakes at all times.

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