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For tech/rule questions for this class, contact

Jason Koch @ 540-486-0340




Limited Weld Truck Class Rules

Types of Trucks: Any year up to 1 ton truck & SUV. Either 2 or 4 wheel drive models. 4wd can only run one driveshaft. A Suburban roof cannot be smashed down in rear.


A. Body

  1. All trucks must have numbers on both doors in contrasting colors. Roof signs highly suggested

  2. All glass headlights, taillights, trim, and interior must be removed. Must be swept clean including bed

  3. A minimum of 1 no more than 2 vertical safety wire, bar, or chain must be in windshield area sheet metal to sheet metal. Or dash bar to rollover bar.

  4. Doors must be welded, chained, bolted, wired or any safe combination. Straps for door seams 3'' max

  5. A four sided cage with rollover bar is mandatory. 5'' maximum cage material​​

    • Cage must not extend more than 6'' in front of doors and may extend behind cab 8'' to mount rollover bar

    • Down bars may go to frame

    • Gas tank protector is allowed but must not go past 24'' from front of bed

    • Doors may be plated on inside or outside with no more than 1/4” plate for driver/passenger protection

  6. Bed may have additional washers and 1” max bolt or all thread (not welded) 3'' maximum above floor of bed and in upper flange of frame

    • 4 additional bolts in bed floor

    • Rubber mounts may be removed

    • Factory bed floors only

  7. Bed may be welded to cab on sides (6'' strap) only or wired with 4 spots of 9 wire double stranded and bolted through back of cab

  8. Tailgate may be welded on with a maximum of 3 '' angle iron and may be dropped below frame

    • Tailgate may be bolted to bumper with up to 2 bolts

    • 50% of bedsides must remain upright

  9. Cab may be wired or bolted solid to frame with 4 extra bolts and washers 1'' max size bolt or all thread

  10. Hoods must have 12'' hole over carb

    • Factory hood hinge bolts may be replaced with up to 3/8'' bolts

    • Hood may be wired or bolted shut with up to 6 bolts. The core support may be bolted through frame to top of hood. The 2” x 2” x 1/4” core support spacer may be welded to the frame and extend no higher than the top of the core support.

    • Washers may be welded to all wire or bolt holes in hood and fenders

  11. Inner fenders may be wired to the frame but not bolted or welded.

    • Each wheel opening may be bolted with up to 6 maximum 3/8'' bolts and 12 washers.

    • No inner body bracing or bars or plate.

  12. Body panels must remain stock layers and thickness


B. Frame

  1. Truck bumper or car bumper, no excessive pointy bumpers

    • Loaded bumpers allowed

    • Front and back bumpers may be welded on and may be chained or wired with a maximum of 4 short pieces between bumper and frame

    • Steel may be added to allow mounting of front bumper but may not extend past back edge of core support or 6'' of frame

    • No bumper shocks

    • Maximum distance of front bumper to ground 26'' rear bumper minimum of 16'' to ground

    • All rear bumpers must be flat (NO points allowed!)

  2. All frames must have no additional plating outside what is listed in the rules.

    • Factory core support cannot be moved or re-located

    • Do not add cable, wire, chain, fillers, welds, or added reinforcements inside or outside of frame.

  3. ***You may use 4 (4” X 6”) patches no more than ¼” in thickness if and only if, the frame is bent, broken, or torn in the location of the patch. There are to be no patches used on a fresh truck. This class is intended by you the drivers to stay a light weld class. Please do not abuse this rule. Excessive patching will result in excessive cutting.

  4. Suspension

    • Stock leaf count and position

    • 2wd trucks can have bolted down a-arms

    • You may weld suspension components such as upper and lower control arms

    • Rear coil spring may be clamped or welded in place

    • The maximum number of leaf springs in any truck will be 10 in front and 10 in rear

    • You may add 4 clamps per spring pack in front and 4 clamps per spring pack in rear

    • Clamp size is 2'' x 4'' with 3/8'' bolts

  5. Trailer hitches must be removed

  6. Any type rear end may be used in any truck

  7. No studs, screws, wheel weights, or split rims. Valve stem protectors are allowed

  8. You may have a ¼” thick by 12” long hump plate. This plate may connect to the rear-end housing with a 3” connection. So it should be diamond shaped, 12” on frame, 3” on rear.

C. Drivetrain

  1. Engine and Trans of choice allowed.

  2. Battery/batteries must be relocated to front floorboard or cage mounted and securely fastened and covered

  3. Original fuel tank must be removed and a steel tank or fuel cell must be mounted on front center of bed area securely bolted in place and covered.

    • Fuel lines may be metal or rubber

    • Rubber lines inside cab should be hose inside of hose.

    • Electric fuel pumps must have clearly marked shutoff switch within reach of driver

  4. Distributor protectors and engine cradles are allowed.

  5. Transmission protectors are allowed.

  6. Exhaust must be straight up or straight down or exit behind the rear of cab

  7. Radiators must stay in stock location

    • Over flow tanks are permitted.

    • Additional radiator overflow must be directed toward the ground

  8. Transmission coolers are allowed. These must be installed in a safe manner as deemed by the inspector

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