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Kids Power Wheels Rules

  • Power Wheel may have 1 12-volt battery. It must be no larger than a lawn mower battery.

  • Passengers are allowed.

  • Drivers and passengers must both wear helmets.

  • Every child (driver and passenger) will receive candy after the power wheels derby.

  • Only 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place drivers will get a trophy.

  • There will be 2 balloons on each power wheel. 1 balloon per side. If both balloons are popped or removed from the power wheel, they are out.

  • If a child gets out of the power wheel, they are out.

  • If the power wheel stops for more than 1 minute, they are out.

  • Only drivers, passengers, and flagmen are allowed on the track. We ask that parents please stand by the back wall to watch their children.

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