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For tech/rule questions for this class, contact

Jason Koch @ 540-486-0340


AutoCross classes:

Youth - must be a car, no full size suv/vans/trucks, no 4x4

FWD - cars, mini vans

RWD - cars, mini suvs, trucks

4x4 - any

Ladies! Powder puff - no 4x4


“Safety rules”
1 - All drivers and passengers must have a helmet and a seatbelt. 
2 - Cars are to be clean inside and no loose debris
3 - NO POINTY STYLE DERBY BUMPERS ALLOWED, stock bumpers preferred but if you build a bumper please keep the ends smooth and do not make a door cutter. 
4 - All headlights, taillights and chrome trim are to be removed 
5 - “GLASS” Windshields are ok all other glass is to removed or if it will roll down that is fine. 
6 - Door bar or plates are recommended 
7 - Roof signs are not mandatory but to help ensure proper scoring it is highly recommended 
8 - All wheel weights must be removed and NO studded snow tires.


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