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Pre-Entry deadline to receive a driver shirt

for this class is Nov. 1




Mini Mod Class Rules

Type of Cars: 110” max wheelbase. No full frame cars. FWD and RWD allowed. V6 engine max.


  1. 110” max wheelbase

  2. No full frame cars.

  3. You may weld all the doors and trunk.

  4. You can tuck/wedge.

  5. A full cage of your choosing is allowed. You may have 4 vertical down bars and 2 kickers running forward no further than the center of the front struts/a-arms. You may also have 2 rear kickers extending no further than the center of the rear axle.

  6. Rollover bar is permitted.

  7. Windshield bar may be attached to dash bar and rollover bar.

  8. The trunk may have a down bar from the rollover bar to the trunk no more than halfway onto the trunk/rear hatch.

  9. The engine cradle may connect to the dash bar.

  10. The windshield bar may run from the rollover bar to the dash bar. No more than 3 bars.

  11. You may seam weld.

  12. Any bumper is permitted, front and rear. No points to exceed 4” past front edge of bumper spread out over 32” of the bumper.

  13. Front bumper mounts should extend no further back than the front of the strut tower. This may be done using either 4”x 3/8” plate, 2”x 2” square tubing, or 3” round stock. This may be mounted inside or outside of the sheet metal frame.

  14. You may have 1 vertical strap 3” wide by ¼” thick running from your bumper bracket down to the k member no more than 3” welded to the bumper bracket, no more than 3” welded to the k member.

  15. Pucks may be removed between body and k member and bolted solid with no larger than 1” all thread, this all thread may run all the way up through the hood.

  16. You may have 4 (4”x 6”) patch plates.

  17. V6 engine max.

  18. Doors, trunks, and rear hatch may be welded solid with no more than 3” x ¼” strap.

  19. You may have a half moon style hump plate that is no larger than 22” x 6” x ¼”.

  20. Rear axle may be swapped with straight axle and flat sprung.

  21. Struts may be homemade but must appear factory.

  22. Aftermarket ball joints, tie rods, and axles are allowed.

  23. Any wheel and tire combination is permitted, you may have solid centers, bead locks, lip guards, skid steer, or solid rubber tires.

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